2015: My year in music according to Spotify

The year’s almost over and most of the big “Best of 2015” list are already out. I’m I sucker for a few of them as they help me discover music I would have otherwise missed.

One of my absolute favourites is the one put together by the guys at The Quietus the amount of interesting stuff always blows my mind.

A new favourite though is Spotify’s Year in Music as it shows the music I had heavy on rotation.

The music I actually listened to. Not the one I wanted to listen to.

And that was rock and metal. I remember when I was thirteen or so and got hold of a copy of Thrash Zone by D.R.I. My parents were hoping this was all a phase. A enjoyable 25 year old phase.

Here’s to another year filled with music. Maybe a little less metal so I get to listen to the new Kendrick Lamar that’s on top of everyone’s list?. We’ll see.