Cucumbers and Sinatra: week five at Makers Academy

3_sinatra_lrg (3)

I almost titled this post “OMG what the fuck have I done?!”. Week five has been the hardest one for me so far.

We had to take the work we had done with the battleships project from the previous week and using Sinatra, take it to the web.

I pretty much spent the whole week stunned by the amount of information we had to digest and did not make much of a dent on the project, as I was busy reading the documentation and fiddling with basic exercises that would help my current state, but the fact that we’re now working to put work online is awesome.

Sinatra is lightweight and flexible. So I’m enjoying working with it. We can have simple “Hello World” applications live within minutes and for a newbie this is very encouraging.

We will be working with Rails in the next couple of weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see their differences first hand.

From what I’ve been reading, there seems to be a consensus that Sinatra is for smaller projects and Rails for bigger ones, but it would be great to be able to know the distinctions and to be able to assess that myself.

Alongside Sinatra, we used Cucumber to help us describe our tests in a more functional way. All should start making more sense soon.

There have been a few moments during these past five weeks where I have doubted myself, thinking: Am I in the right place or did I make a mistake? There have been moments where I’ve felt disappointed because I’m not learning quick enough.

I try not to stay in that frame of mind for long, because if I do, I start thinking about what life after Makers will be and that is still weeks away. Will it be easy for me to get an interview?, Will those interviews lead to job offers? and most importantly, will I enjoy the work once/if I make the transition?.

So yeah, best leave that for now and focus on today and just learn as much as I can.

Luckily the support is great, if you open your mouth there’s always someone around to help. The two teacher assistants both took the course via Makers Academy and are well aware of the struggles and can point you in the right direction. Enrique, the head of education has always been available to talk, same with all the other instructors. Our Chief Joy Officer,Dana is also always available to listen, plus she runs the yoga class and the daily guided meditation. All this makes it harder for me to stay inside my head whenever I’m starting to worry.

I’ll finish off with a link to this video that has helped me stay focused throughout these weeks.

It’s Henry Rolling talking about the pillars of his success:

“application, discipline, focus, repetition”.

What I love about it is that you are in control of them all.