On parenting while on a Web Development bootcamp

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– So, how much time will I be able to spend with my family while at Makers Academy?

– “To be honest?… not much”

One of the most important things to consider is that as a parent, your schedule doesn’t revolve around you.

This program assumes that you have put your life on hold for the duration of it. Most people do. But as the majority of students don’t have kids, they might be able to adjust their schedules according to what happens at Makers. Stayed working until 3 am? maybe arrive a bit late the next day.

You might not be able to do this. It doesn’t matter at what time I go to bed, I’m always awake at 6:30 because that’s when the little one wakes up.

Weekends? You need them to work on your Friday assignments and general catch up.

On a typical Saturday and Sunday for example, I leave the house as soon as I can. The reason being that I cannot get as much done if I stay in the house as the little one will want to hang out if I’m within sight. You could make your partner and kids leave the house but it is not fair on them. So it is you who have to find a new place if you don’t have a spare room.

If you don’t have a library nearby, your best bet is a coffee shop. Budget for it.

I feel that although tricky, this is totally doable. The course will end and after that, your body (and your partner) will want you to take the foot off the pedal a bit and lead a more balanced life.

You will now have every weekday to focus on your coding, prepare for interviews and for reading all the books that you came across while doing the course. This will also include time with the family. So hang in there. Three months will go by in no time.

Whatever you do, just make sure you’re present when hanging out with your kids. Don’t think about code. Leave the other 18 hours of the day for it.