Web development bootcamp: first two weeks. Or how the command line is trying to kill me.


I have been working on this exercise for the last week and still have another week to finish it yet it seems that I have no idea what I’m doing. Two days ago, I had a small breakthrough. Sitting here on sunday I feel that it was too minuscule. I need to work harder and smarter if I want this to end well.

The exercise is an introduction to Object Oriented Programming and Test Driven Development using Ruby and Rspec. This is the foundation for what we will see for the next couple of weeks so i need to get it.

If you are not familiar with the way these bootcamps work, it is simple: twelve weeks, all day. Every day. You are also expected to study at home on weekends, of course.

At Makers Academy, we have one or two lectures per day and after that we work to solve the exercises we’re given by pair programming. You can work on your own but learning to work in pairs is part of the training and always encouraged. Ideally, partners change every day.

All the teachers are available throughout the day to help with any questions we might have. The day ends at 6pm but the school stays open until 9. Many people stay until closing time.

If you’re considering one of these bootcamps, they will most likely send you pre course material way before you start.

For most web development ones, it will save you lots of time if you are comfortable working with:

The command Line:

Learn your way around the command line as this will be the way you interact with your computer from now on. The sooner you know your way around it, the better.


Version control for software development. You will be keeping track of everything. The link below has the basic commands you will need.


A more in depth one:


Ruby (or any object oriented programming language):

The language we will be using for this course is Ruby. I am sure that whatever language used for your course will have many resources online.

The important thing is to understand the basics : What is an object, a class, etc. What is the relationship between the objects. What are variables, methods and functions.

I spent a week going through them before I started and even then, I’m struggling. I thought that knowing about them would be enough. No. Aim to know these concepts well before starting. It’ll save you loads of time.



There are many resources to learn online, the ones listed above are ones that have been of use to me. But you should have no problem finding where to start, and of course, you have already been clicking around codeschool, codecademy and treehouse.

My aim is to write every week as a way to help track my progress. If on the way I manage to help somebody, great. Blogs by other students helped me embark on this journey. Especially this one:


As with everything, practice makes perfect, so the concepts will stick the more I work on them, after this I should be able to start making the connections with a bit more ease.

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